A different day/今天可以不一樣
O Let the Son of God Enfold You/讓神兒子的愛圍繞你
You Raise Me Up/你鼓舞了我/你扶持我
It’s Good To Know You/認識祢真好
Whom Have I But You/除你以外
There is a God/有一位神
You are the Light of the World/你是世界的光
Let Praise Arise/讓讚美飛揚
God Is Love/神是愛
The Light of Your Grace/主的恩典乃是一生之久
Lord, I Worship You/主我敬拜祢
Let Your Love Rise/讓愛飛翔
Love Overflows/讓愛走動
You Are The Light of My Life/你是我生命的亮光
I Need You in My Life/我需要有你在我生命中
Stream of Praise/讚美之泉
Create In Me a Clean Heart/求你為我造清潔的心
Thy Word/你的話
Endless Request/永恆的答問
Listen to My Heart/傾聽我的心
The Essence of Love/愛的真諦
Listen Quietly/輕輕聽
The Gift of Knowing You/這一生最美的祝福
My Motorcycles/我的歐兜賣
Sweet As Honey/甜蜜蜜
Give Us Vision/新的異象新的方向
This Is Amazing Grace/這是奇妙恩典
You’ll Never Leave Me, Nor Forsake Me/你的愛不離不棄
Live Out Love /活出來
Make Me A Servant
My Living Sacrifice/獻上活祭
Carry God’s Glory/我是承載神榮耀的器皿
Enlarge My Tent/擴張帳幕
I Need You/每一天我需要祢
How Great Is Our God/我神真偉大
Revival Starts With Me/復興從我開始
Our God Reigns/耶和華作王
God is here/神同在
Sing Praises to Your Name/我要歌頌祢聖名
This Is My Hand/這是我的手
Here As in Heaven/在地如在天
This Is Amazing Grace/這是奇妙恩典
See You Face to Face/愛中相遇
We Long to Meet/我們歡迎君王降臨
The Old Rugged Cross/古舊十架
Morning to Night/從早晨到夜晚
My Saviour/我的拯救者
Days of Elijah/以利亞的日子
Lift My Eyes to the Hills/我要向高山舉目
Love Is/愛的真諦
If You Want To Know/如果你想知道
Hear Our Cry/聽見這世代的呼喚
The End of All Things/萬物的結局近了
The True Vine/主是葡萄樹
To Draw Water/歡然取水
Holy Spirit, Come/聖靈的江河
Live Out Love/活出愛
Nothing Is Impossible/凡事都有可能
Let Us Love/在耶穌裡彼此相愛
Jesus Name Above All Names
As We Gather
Shine Like Stars/轉動夢想
I Will Lift My Head/抬起我的頭
I Walk In Your Unfailing Grace/行在信實恩典中
My House Will Praise You/我的家要榮耀主
Glory to God/榮耀歸神
Endless Love/深不見底的愛
Jesus Loves You/耶穌愛你
Living Hope/永活盼望
Great Is Your Love/十架的愛
Unshakeable Faith/不動搖的信心
Precious Cross/寶貴十架
I Believe/我相信
I Need You In My Life/我需要有祢在我生命中
The Lifter of My Head/叫我抬起頭的神
Here to Worship/我在這裡敬拜
How Awesome You Are/主 祢真偉大
Great Is Our God/偉大的神
I Deeply Desire/我深深渴慕
Thanksgiving Offering/獻上感恩祭
We Cry Out/我們呼求
Your Salvation/祢的救恩
Your Eyes Are Always on the Land/祢眼目必看顧這地
Fountain of Joy/喜樂泉源
I’m in love with you/我深深愛祢
Dark Yet Lovely/黑秀美
When In His Glory/在主榮耀同在中
I Will Share It with the World/我要分享給世界
Glory To The Lamb/榮耀神羔羊
Hand in Hand/牽手
Let Us Shout/來歡呼來讚美
How Glorious/何等榮耀
God is with us now/神正在這裡
Be Thou My Vision/成為我異像
You Are My Strength/主祢是我力量
Shake the Heaven and Earth/震動天地
Lord You Are Always Here With Me/主你永遠與我同在
God of Miracles/行神蹟的神
How Could It Be/何等恩典
Make Our Home Great/讓家偉大
Shout for Joy and Sing/揚聲歡呼讚美
Joy in the Lord/靠主常喜樂
The Sun Above the Clouds/雲上太陽
Jesus Lives In Me/耶穌在我裡面
I Give You My Heart/我獻上我心
Our God/我們的神
Here I Am to Worship/我在這裡敬拜
Come Thou Fount Of Every Blessing/萬福恩源
Lift Up The Name Of Our King/我們高舉耶穌的名
This Generation/這世代
In Jesus’ Name/耶穌之名
The Hope of Our Lives/永恆唯一的盼望
All I Need/只需要祢
The Sweetest Name of All/全地最美之名
Lord Reign In Me/讓祢統領我
Glorious Calling/榮耀的呼召
Christ is Enough/基督是我滿足
Revival in the Land/大地復興
The Joy of the Lord is My Strength/主的喜樂是我力量
Love Is/愛是
Praise The Lord/一切歌頌讚美
We’re Together Again/我們又在一起
Thank You, Jesus/感謝耶穌
Shekinah Glory/Shekinah榮耀同在
Your Grace Is Enough/祢的恩典夠我用
It’s Your Love/是祢的愛
A Gush of Joy/不停湧出來
Jesus I Love You/耶穌我愛祢
Be The Strength I Need/生命中的每一天
You Are My All In All/你是我的一切
Worthy is the Lamb/神羔羊配得
Did You Feel the Mountains Tremble/你是否感到群山震動
No One Compares With You/無人能與你相比
The Herald Angels Sing/聽啊,天使高聲唱
Let Me Stay/能不能
Beneath the Cross of Jesus/主十架下
Here In Your Presence/遇見你
Lord, You Are Our Sun/主祢是我們的太陽
This Is the Day/這是耶和華所定日子
More Love/愛可以再更多一點點
Praise Your Holy Name/齊來讚美
Power of Your Love/你愛的大能
Mountains Move for Me/大山為我挪開
Fill This Place/充滿在這裡
Come Let Us Sing/來高聲唱
I Adore You/我要愛慕祢
Pour Out/傾倒
Beautifully Made/美好的創造
When I Praise You, I’m Filled with Joy/讚美的孩子最喜樂
Jesus Loves the Little Children/耶穌喜愛世上小孩
A Loving Father/愛我的天父
Worthy of It All/祢配得全所有
Way Maker/開路者
God is the Strength of My Heart/神真是我的力量
Unless A Seed/一粒麥子
As The Deer/如鹿切慕溪水
Trusting in Your Promises/信靠每一句應許
You Are My Victory/得勝的宣告
God Bless You/願耶和華賜富給你
This Is Holy Ground/這是聖潔之地
Almighty God/尊貴全能神
I Have Been Set Free/我已得自由
The More I Seek You/更多尋求你
Strong Love/堅強的愛
My Redeemer Lives/我的救贖者活著
Gonna Sing Aloud/我要大聲唱
Come Holy Spirit/聖靈請祢來充滿我心
Little Dream/小小的夢想
All Things Are Possible With You/在祢沒有難成的事
More Than I Could Know/祢永遠如此深愛著我
Grace Falls Upon Us/恩典已降臨
Happy Day/快樂日
Here I Bow/我願降服
What A Beautiful Name/何等榮美的名
My Heart Will Praise You, Lord/我要全心讚美
No Longer Slaves/不再被奴役
The Holy Lamb on the Throne/坐在寶座上聖潔羔羊
You Reign Eternally/從亙古到永遠
All You Gates, Lift Up Your Heads/眾城門抬起頭
Open Heaven/將天敞開
God Is So Good/神真美好
I Will Offer You My Life/我的生命獻給祢
Here I Am/我在這裡
You Are Here/在這裡
You Do a New Thing/新的事將要成就
One Thing/一生一世
More Than Conqueror/勝過這世界
I Am Strengthened in Him/滿有能力
Won’t Give UP/奔跑不放棄
By Faith, I Receive/豐盛的應許